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Crawler tractor treads, what's in 'em?

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The steel that is used in crawler tractor track pads must be pretty good stuff, the beating they take. Wonder what it is. Tough and quite hard, What do you suppose could be made out of cat treads? I have some of the stuff, maybe eighty feet of track.
Has anybody out there used this kind of steel and what for. And what is it? Straight carbon or any alloying?

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The pins are normally a case hardening steel such as 4317/17cnm06/en36. The tracks themselves are as I recall normally cast. Only guessing but something like Nihard would be likely. En36 is fantastic for dies, just make your die as needed, then take it up to approx 800 degrees C and throw it into water. No need to temper it. In use just make sure that you keep cooling it between heats. We have forging dies that we made over 7 years ago from En36 heat treated as I described, that have made 100s of jobs each without any deformation or wear.


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