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Up date c41-15 anyang power hammer

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Just a short note to let you all know that my hammer has been up and running fore over 2 months .It takes very little time to warm up[about 10 to 15 min]it is an amazing little hammer ,it takes up little space and packs a big punch .The hammer has been a great addition to my shop,it never talks back and is always ready to work . The support has been out standing,James Johnson[anyang U.S.A]Steve Hansl the Canadian dealer,more importantly both these gentlmen are blacksmiths and understand the challenges of a metal work shop.Ounce again thanks to all at i forge for your support and imput,well its time to get back to work.......SEASONS BEST to all

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i went over to Kasper's forge to do some work and help with the making of a rock hammer for his nephew.i took over a piece of 1.5in axle to use for it.he has his 33lber set up on some old growth timber and it is a great base.that hammer handled the piece of steel like nothing,these hammers hit real hard.when you see one these hammers in action it is quite amazing because of their size and minimal space they take up in your shop.i will definitely have one in my shop when i get to keep one,the first two i imported are gone,we will see what happens when my next order comes in Feb.

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