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Hi guys I'm a metal shop teacher in Pa with no formal blacksmith training, but I have a small forge that the students use every year. I main project that the kids forge during the blacksmith Unit is a Chisel out of 1/2 hexagon. Saftey is always a concern and the tongs that the kids use are very old and badly treated and need to be replaced. I was wondering if any of you know a good place to purchase high quality thongs for a reasonable price.


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Here are to links to commercial tool companies that supply tongs. There are also several smiths here that can make you custom tongs to fit your needs. Your current tongs just may need some re-work and they may absolutely be salvagable. I am also suspect that a smithing group in your area may be available to help you with the repairs of your tongs or building of new ones. Good luck.

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There is demo on how to make a pair of tongs by (at that time) a 10 year old blacksmith called "Whitesmith". You may want to present this method of making tongs to your metal working class. It will not replace a good store bought pair of tongs, or a good set of tongs made by a blacksmith, but will teach students that they can make what they need.

Link removed t the request of Jock at anvilfire

demo #132 Easy Tongs

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