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Although I have only made small things in the past mostly from tape, pens, and rubber bands, My last years workshop class made me want to upgrade my abilitys. So I made a crude little dagger from a 6 inch bolt using only my hammer and the ground, it turned out well although its easily breakable. But back on track. Now this year I've been taking a welding class and im really good at it. So im thinking about getting the tools I need to branch off and start on making and selling things. I've got the gloves, goggles, hammer, files/rasps, chisels and a few more things. if you have any more sugestions on what other items I need it would be appreciated. Ive found a man that is selling a anvil to me for a verry reasonable price.
Also any webcites where I would be able to buy metals in sheet form or in blocks would be appreciated.

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