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Small Forge-- Will this work??

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I am trying to make a small forge for heat treating small wood chipper blades-- (1/4 X 1 X 4 inches in size)-- hardening and tempering these blades. I have read about the brake drum forges. last:) week I found this old cast iron water heater. how would that be for a small forge?? See photos.

Thanks in a

dvance for any comments!!!




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thats a cool piece of cast iron there ;)
Welcome to the forums

course its quite alot of thermal mass too

you might find this of interest
Japanese filemaker videos

kindly translated by Ataru Maeda

1) Heat an iron red hot
Heat a steel in high temperature and beat it to make up it's shape.

2) Annealing
Inside a forge surrounded by heat insulator, heat this steel to 810 degree and spend 24 hours to cool it. Key point is to spend much time to cool it.

3) Grind
Grind the surface of annealed steel. The color of this steel is black at now, so grind it's surface by using a tool called "TONBOSEN" with much strength.

4) Setting
Fix a steel on a desk, and set it by using a cold chisel.

5) Tempering
Heat a steel inside a hole called "TSUBO". Its diameter is about 10cm and melted lead is inside this hole. Then, take out a steel from TSUBO and sprinkle salt on it, then heat it once more. Enough heated, then take out a steel from TSUBO, and cool it down by soaking into water. Pay attention to a steel not to be warped.

6) Finishing
Check a steel and wash it in acid and do rust-proof, then, it's finished. We make it about 50 in a day.

as far as Ive been able to research the TSUBO refers to stoneware pots rather than a particular process or device (its hard to break different text barriers in searching, Kanji especially)

that little door on the top of your boiler and the hardening and tempering of a small size just suddenly associated. :P (of course Lead (pb) is pretty toxic stuff especially if volatilized.)

as far as using that as a forge Id like to see a better photo of the back (the tuyere and exhaust) and more photos of the boiler too. Edited by Ice Czar
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that is too nice a casting to turn into a forge... ide use a old bbq before usin that...if you get that up to forgeing temp it might crack ..just my 2 cents worth.. what other scrap can you find even a old bucket can work in a pinch ..
I'd agree with this... an old wheel rim or washtub lined with mud is cheap and easy enough. Set that (rare?) piece aside.

Good Luck!
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