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Need ideas for a swage stand

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I know what I want to build, but haven't yet... Or atleast now I do, after I saw your question:-) Right now my swage block sits on a rocking angle cut stump at the end of my anvils stand just past the vice, nailed down to the stand. It rocks, it rolls but I get a fair amout of work done on it:-)

What I would recomend is:
Make an angle iron frame that fits the block on the flat side, then I would cut out slots and weld up some heavy U channel, so that the block fits in on its edge. I rarely use the face of my block, but use the edge quite a bit. I would also make it so that either the block laid on its face was the height of the anvil, so it can serve as a stock rest for long work, or have the edge of the block be the height of the anvil. If you have a nice industrial block with punching holes. You won't want anything getting in the way of the bottom of the face, so instead of cutting a slot, and makin a U channel to hold the block, make some brackets that slide over the edges of the angle iron frame, and can brace the block to keep it upright while you are whalin' :-)

The one thing I will say, is be very careful when fliping the block around and laying it down!!! It doesn't take much to smash, or shear your fingers off!!!!!! Especially on an angle iron stand, even a little block can hurt you, a big block can REALLY hurt!!!

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