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where to buy coal in GA

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I'm new to this and i'm sure this has been discussed but.....where can i buy coal in NW GA suitable for forging blades??? actually for supplies in general.....borax etc...gather supplies for tinkering before i dive into my first serious attempt.

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I'm down near Augusta, and we have Dixie Coal and Ice. I think they're somewhat of a chain, but not sure. I seem to remember them having one near Athens, Southside ATL, and Savannah. Again, that could be a completely false memory. I haven't dealt with them myself, I've been using Royal Oak charcoal for the time being. As far as Borax, any Bi-Lo carries it. If you go to the borax website, they have a search option for vendors of their products...that's how I found it at Bi-Lo. Other than that, hit up Tractor Supply, Home Depot, and your local industrial supply house. It always surprises me the random stuff that our local supply houses manage to scrounge up.

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