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catalyc converters and smelting.

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So here it goes, I work at an auto wreckers. I have access to alot of catalyc converters. The price of them until about 2 months ago was at record highs. Okay enough random babbling, my question is does anyone know how to or where I could find out on how to smelt and seperate the precious metal out of the cats? Or am I barking up to big of a tree?

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Unless you wish to kill yourself, don't even consider going there.
The precious metals used in catalytic converters are catalysts, as the name implies. The noxious chemicals and elements expelled from the combustion engine bond with those same precious elements. These elements and chemicals start off with hydrogen sulfide (mix with water and make sulfuric acid in small amounts) and get worse from there on. I work with diesel engines which are now equipped with DPF (diesel particulate filter) systems. The warnings with those alone tell you to wash your hands immediately if you touch the insdie the of the filter, the gas versions are not much different.

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