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Aluminum pins for knives?

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Hey guys, I found some aluminum rods and made a rivet out of it. Do you think they would be ok for knives? Would I have to counter sink them? I cannot bend a small piece (like the one in the photo)with my hands, and I have strong hands if I do say so myself. I have looked for brass welding rods, but they only have thin ones. Will aluminum be strong enough(for scale handle knives)? Any advice will be great!! Thanks dudes!!


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Yeah, they work just fine.k ive used aluminum nails for flashing and havent had a problem yet. theyre especially good if youre going for a more sleek silvery look, cause brass would just kill that (or at least i thinks so, maybe im just crazy) Dont use em for hinge pins though, they wear through pretty fast on a folder.

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