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Preserving a rusty finish

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So I have a customer who ordered a plasma cut out that was to become a sign for his buisness. The man owns a bison ranch and the cut out is of 2 bison in a field grazing and an indian riding by on horseback. He wants a rusty finish on it so it looks rustic. I have the cut out ready for the rusting process. I was planning on having it sandblasted and then rusting it with a muratic acid/distilled water mixture and spraying with hydrogen peroxide.

My question is once I start this rusting what is the most effective way to seal and prevent it from rusting any further. I was thinking either a matte finish clear coat, I also heard wax is a good way to preserve rust. Maybe I should use a beeswax/oil mixture heated and apply although this would need to be redone once a year or so. Whats your opinion?

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Vinegar and bleach works fine and is safer than muriatic. It also helps if the metal is hot to the touch - maybe 120 to 150 degrees. Kill the bite with some baking soda mixed with water and applied with a hand powered, pump-up sprayer.

The rust will act as a great protectant so you don't have to apply anything if you don't want to. Anything you add will darken the finish so the customer might like it a little on the red side.

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