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Hey Wulfgar,

Ditto to the above posters - Crucibles come in all sorts of sizes and materials depending on what they are used for - metal - carbon - ceramic.

My avatar is a number 80 crucible (if I remember correctly) holding about 300lbs of bronze - it's made of a silicon-ceramic.

Here's a couple of pics of one in use -



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Wulfgar, they're used once you've been blacksmithing long enough that the metal is in your veins and you just choose to drink molten metal rather than coffee. ;)

Nothin like a good cup'o'tool steel to get the morning started.

PS; thanks for asking because I didn't know either.

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I have bought several over the years from these guys Foundry Crucibles and they are nice to deal with. I use every thing from 1.5# to 25# capacity crucibles as these are the ones that I could handle by myself before my back injury. Anything bigger than this and it would be good to have help with the pour. You need a different crucible for each type of metal that you pour, aluminum, silicone bronze, brass (red and yellow), etc. Casting is so cool.:cool:

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