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First hatchet/tomahawk

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Well, I still need to wirebrush the head and then beeswax it. I've rough cut the handle and will sand and re-stain and re-burn tomorrow if I have time. It's a leaf spring, welded together.

Somebody please lemme know how to post dimensions for a hatchet.
Blade Length: 5"
(Sharp part)Bit Height: 2"
Blade Height: 1.5"
Eye Length: 2" Width: 1.25"
Handle: 13" From top of the hatchet to the bottom
Hand made wedge.

Head weight: 1lb 4oz Overall weight about 1lb 9oz.

Light hatchet, but this thing is a worker. My brother put it through it's courses today. Lol.
It's also a real nice throwing ax??? I can always get it to stick.

Annealed Twiced.
Then hardened 1.5" up from the start of the blade.
Tempered at 470F for 30minutes and then 510 for 45minutes.
This was a rush job, the whole thing, got up at 6am, got it down by noon. We were going to our land at 1, and I wanted to have it down by then. I think it's a good job for being rushed and for this being my first hatchet ever. The welding was pretty easy on this one, I've heard a lot of people having problems when welding it around apipe or drift or whatever, I didn't have much trouble. Yes, I didn't weld the edges real good, but it was a quickie. my brother used an exacto knife to put those things in the handle think there like lotr runes??

Be as harsh as you all want!!!

Best regards,






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