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Swage blocks


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I am always poking around second hand stores antique shops junkyards etc. And have been doing it for years.
I have NEVER seen a swage block sale.
A mate of mine gave me some smaller spanners Half inch and such. I was going to turn them into some mini garden tools for the herb garden he has on his patio at his high rise apartment. I was thinking of using the hardie hole to gently bowl out the shovel.
I have used a leather sand bag to bowl Brass and copper ( that was a long time ago)
Any body got any suggestions?
Because it is a small job I was gunna carve a bowl out of wood lock in my vice and use that instead. as I said it is a one off.

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Carl I have a "crook knife". I bought one in May after I saw your attempts.

I am a bit confused, are you trying to make a metal spoon out of the spanners. So you carve with your "crook knife" a depression and then beat the steel into a spoon type shape?


Matt and Carl, I fired up "Puff the Gas Wyvern" (it is only a small forge)the other day, TOO COOL. I have to finish off my "knifemakers anvil". The hardie hole and hardie tools are thought out, just have to make them and then I will post a photo of them, unless I get to excited and start making knives and forget the photos (likely).

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Young Mr Townsend, how the bl**dy H*ll is yer?
How was the show today?
When I was a kid in the Grandparents "sunroom" they had a heap of potplants ( small ferns and such in pots on stands not a room full of narcotics) In this room was a small wooden stand with a small shovel, rake and hoe about six inches long overall. To tend said plants. well O.K. more for decoration.
A mate of mine Mitch has started growing herbs on his deck ( again basil chillies coriander mint etc not narcotics)
I asked him to keep an eye out for files, springs coil and leaf or spanners broken or generaly unloved. He has given me some files and small broken ring spanners of his.
I am hoping to turn them a set of these tools for his deck garden.
I saw a open ended spanner forged into a letter opener which was cool but I thought why not go a bit further and try to make the mini garden tools.
So yeah I want to trim and flatten the broken end of the spanner and then "bowl" ( is that the right term?) it into a shallow shovel/trowel and maybe a little hoe.
I'll get some good local "ironbark" drill some shallow holes join them scrape burn I think when I get it close to size I'll up-end my big ball-pein and compress the last bit into the hole tapping the ball-pein into the depression with another hammer.
Don't when I'll get that done though.

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Mate I never had a metal work teacher.

I had one for a while in Grade 8, we made a 6" x 3" x 2" tray and made "ninja stars" with scrap.

A "tradie" would probably have a fit how I make knives ........ but they seem to work.

Sold a couple Carl.

Forget the mini gardening tools Carl, knives are what you want to make, unless it is a "mini machette" for when the "herbs" get unruley. :rolleyes:
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