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I Forge Iron

Hello From Mid-Michigan!


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Hello from The Tri-Cities!

I WAS a hobbyist Farrier for a few years until a screwed up my back. I've had a propane forge, anvil and a couple of tools sitting around the garage for a few years collecting dust.

I was doing some repairs on a trailer at our hunting camp and pulled out my rounding hammer and went to town bending some metal. Within 10 minutes, I couldnt roll my sleeves down because my "Hammer Arms" came back....It felt good to be using the muscles again and I decided right then and there that it was time to do SOMETHING with the tools that I had.

I've got a couple of 5 gallon buckets full of old horseshoes and another full of HC RR Spikes and now i've gotta find some projects to do.

I love sharing what I do with others, so other than providing me with hours of mental down-time, I'd like to do stuff that I can give to family and friends. RR Spike knives, horseshoe book holders etc. As my skills progress, I'd like to explore knife forging more.

Thanks for letting me in.....


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Hey pal,
welcome, this site has soooo much on it, some good stuff on rr spikes I was just looking at, by the way, the Michigan area blacksmith association is a great bunch, and they have meets all over the place. I am an at large member, but hope to make their christmas dinner thing. Good luck with the forging.

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