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weekend report

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Well I finally got to try real coal in my new forge.Wow it sure gets hotter than my rivet forge ever did :cool: Also burnt my first piece of metal with it,I threw a 1/2" rod in the fire to make a quick fire poker for the forge and burnt the end right off before I knew what happend.
I need to find out what I did wrong with my weld I tried to do,it didn't really stick together good because I was able to pull it apart.I guess I might have burnt it to,because the fist time I pulled it out it was sparking alittle,but I'll figure it out. But over all it went good,sorry I didn't get any pictures.:D

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.It could have been the metal to .I have no Idea what it was,from looking at it I would say it is as bad as rebar if not worse,I used it because it was at hand and I'v never tried to do a weld so I'm not to hurt that it didn't work .So I'm going to try some better stuff this time.

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