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So I finally got a chance to use the new 3# Hofi hammer today. It really moves metal and so far seems as comfortable as my normal 2# hammer, maybe more, so comfortable in fact I pretty much wiped a perfectly good taper on a piece of 1/2 inch stock. You might ask how in the good lords name I managed to do that. Well I got distracted by the neighbor, a very sweet person, and after she was done talking to me I pulled the stock from the fire picked up the hammer and went to town. After a few good solid hits I noticed that it looked like I had beat it repeatedly with a fuller along the length of the taper.

Well it turns out that the hammer is so well balanced that I did not notice that I was using the peen instead of the face. After some reconstructive surgery to the taper I went and tried to see if with eyes closed I could tell which face was pointing down. I tried each hammer in my collection and with the exception of the rounding hammers and small ball peens I was able to tell when the peen was facing down. All I can say is this is one of the most well balanced hammers I have had the pleasure to use. Can't wait to play some more later this weekend.

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