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I am Gerald Franklin from Duncan, Oklahoma. I was raised on a farm in North Texas (Denton County). In 1963 I joined the US Army and stayed for nearly 23 years. After retirement from the Army, I spent a short career as a software analyst. I also put together a commercial cattle operation. The cow thing gradually evolved into a purebred Angus operation. In the past couple of years, this purebred operation has been downsized into a very small (retirement sized) herd of about 20 registered Angus cattle.
I started smithing in 2003, and in keeping with the Angus cattle thing, named my shop "Black Bull Forge". I am a member of the Saltfork Craftsmen Artist-Blacksmith Association, the North Texas Blacksmith Association, and ABANA.

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HELLO, GERALD FRANKLIN--Glad to see you join our group of BSers(blacksmiths too)GRIN. I was wondering when you might chime in. Glad to have you aboard.

I do some blacksmithing and spurmaking, but really have more experience in the knife making field. I have more experience with a cow or horse than anything else. I started all this other when I got too stove-up to take care of my place and livestock, like I wanted.

I don't know where everybody has been for the last day or so. If they had seen your post, they would have come right back.

I am planing on coming down to your place for the March meeting. I think maybe Jr. Strasil from NEB., and Tommy Dean from down in the edge of Tx, along with your own Larry Mills will be there also. They are on this forum and over on the Forgemagic.com site, also.

My life long(53 years) friend lives over close to Durant. He is also a registerd Angus breeder. His name is Sam Adams and his wifes name is Sammy Jo. They have been down there fourteen years. You probably have run into him or heard of them. They are good folks to know.

Hope to see you on the 18th of March.

Chuck Bennett

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