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Forging welded steel cable

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I do really appreciate the people here to help or get help. You guys have had lots of subtle ideas i wouldnt have considered but theyre really good ideas .thanks. Weve gotta go somewhere and cable is difficult. When i referred to success i got 2 knives, and 5 pieces of cable joined about 1" out of 12-18" that internet peoople have told me looks unwelded. Those are successes. And 1" is enough for success. Different than alot but thats ok. The failures have been 12-18" and i didnt get 1". Hence just asking for help on internet.  Also my successful knives were made from 1.25" and popped up in a series of failures. I can be really honest. I taught myself this stuff and struggle to get help from folks whove experiance with cable.

Thanks all, last one got off couse.


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Ive got some 2" steell cable im trying to forge into blocks. I broke down and paid $210 to get 10 ends welded up. How strong is this? Nobody seems to use it, but if its absolute i can start billet there without a swage??? Can i hit "into" it or will that just break it open. What kinda EXACT size swage and angle should i buy for 2" cable. I also have no anvil to stick it in the hole so ground mounted? I use a rr tie. Thanks and sorry if i put this here erroneously.

Where do cable questions not yet cataloged go?

And what have i blown 3 times. 3 times ive tried to get a reducer to change the hose's 3/8 female to 1/4" female to take it on a vevor double forge and my reducers will only go in the hose 1 rotation and 1 rotation on forge (makes for smelly forging. I tried to force the last one and it wasnt just a matter of stripping it, it wont spin. Dont know much but it wont thread, i really pulled the wrench. It did strip. Its not just tape either. Doesnt feel like just wrong size thread. (Coarse vs smooth)

The friendly pig


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