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Koawool Rigidizer versus ITC-100???

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I was at a local Furnace supplies company (they mostly build/reline furnaces and kilns, but also sell materials) and I asked about ITC-100 coatings.

They didn't seem to know about them, but instead said they would sell me a gallon of Thermal Ceramics Kaowool Rigidizer for $18/gallon.


Is that "good enough" or should I also seek out some ITC-100 coating?

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Rigidizer and ITC 100 are 2 different things. The rigidizer is for making the liner stiff so it is easier to form and shape. I don't think it will effect the thermal properties of the liner. ITC 100 is a refratory coating that has a reflective quality. It helps to contain more heat by reflecting back rather than letting the heat move through the liner. Makes the forge more efficient. They havn't heard of it because there isn't much use for it in their buisness. Not sure if $18 per gallon is a good price because I have never bought rigidizer. If your planning on building a propane forge it might be useful. You don't have to have it though.


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Thanks for all the great replies.

I checked out the Ellis website (good stuff) and I'll likely drive to San Jacinto, near Hemet, CA, to check out Mojave Southern Machine (will likely buy some ITC-100 and a few odds & ends.)

Agree Fred, I'll likely final-coat with the ITC-100 and since Mojave SMW sells smaller quantities (1/2-pint, etc,) some ITC-213 as well. The $18/Gal for the Kaowool-Rigidizer looks like a great price, as I've seen it sold for $62/Gal elsewhere.

Thanks Again.

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