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on the 25 of october i have a demo in a high visibility place (i didn't even ask for this one)

but i have some problems i have never done a solo demo so i was wondering what tools / steel to bring

and i need to find a way to fix my forge so what is the best way to go non electric whith a portaforge with pumphandle firepot and no blower

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I suggest you decide what you want to make during your demo, then have a dress-rehersal at YOUR forge a week or so before your scheduled demo, making all the items you are going to make at the actual event. Doing this will let you work out any kinks you would not want to happen during your public debut. Make note of all the equipment and materials you use during your run-through, and you will have your list.

Good luck.

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I recently have done a couple, I have found that if I precut the christopher crosses, then bend and shape them for the crowd, people love them. Making a few nails is always a good idea, bring your bending wrench and spin some square stock, if you have a scroll starter, that is also a nice touch. If you have an easy project you have done before, prep some of those as well. Many people are fascinated just to see metal turn red and be turned into a pretzel shape. By all means promote the fact that we are all trying to rediscover the lost portions of the art.

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