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Blacksmith job

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This is vague. What is the focus of your work? Architecture? Armor? Reproduction?
What qualifications are you looking for? Is interest in learning enough or are you looking for someone of journeyman abilities? Is somewhere in between acceptable?
Do you have a site where folks can see more about what you do to decide if they might fit the bill?

This is a very open question. Of course I have an interest but I can't claim to much experience.


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The type of work we take on varieys,At the moment we have five large (12' by 6') wrought iron windows dating from 1717 ,four large gates two at 15' by 9' two at 6' by 4' that were made in Nurenburg at about 1810 and and a pair of victorean gates from a church that we are restoring,also at the moment we are makeing new railing,handrails,a fire hood and curtain poles and lots of small forged pieces galleries and shows,we work in wrought iron,steel,stainles steel,brass,copper,bronze and lead,the work shop is 3000sq ft we have lots of forging equipment as well as lathes and milling equipment etc etc we do have trainees from time to time we offer work experience and have volunteers.

There is only a small amount of are work on the web site
the link to my web site is Devon Blacksmiths Meadow Forge

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