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My aim .


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Gooday to all . I did blacksmithing at school 45 years ago and enjoyed it . Now that i have time to enjoy myself I thought i would join a forum and re-learn what i have forgotten . I still have to get some tools and anvil and make a forge , that will take a little time . Kind regards to all . Alan

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Alan, another Aussie, its been a while between us joining lately. The yanks are starting to take over this forum :)

Seriously though, lots of info and help in this site. Start digging through the Getting Started/Lessons in Metalworking articles from the front page as a starter.

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Alan, AKA: sparkamp
Welcome to I Forge Iron. You are now a part of us!
Australian Blacksmiths are well represented here at IFI.
In fact I feel some of them are corner stones of the site.
I have no question that you will benefit from becoming a family member of the Blacksmiths, Farriers, Blade Smiths, Repousse Masters, and Metal Workers in general that you will find here.
Are you aware of the: Blacksmiths Association of Western Australia
See the home page for more information: Look at right column for

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Rob and Ted . Thank you both for the extreemly warm welcome . It makes me feel good about the nice things said . I am looking foward to breathing the smoke of the coke of the forge . Unfortunately I wont be in the position to be able to go To get Hammered at Moonies but I will certainly show you the progress of my shop . Kind regards Alan.

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