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I think that a lot of us have "played" with metalworking since childhood - you know - blowtorch blacksmithing - now that I'm semi-retired, I have a granddaughter who wants to be a ferrier. She's asked me to help her build her first forge (cause Granpa knows all that old stuff) -- Well in for a penny in for a pound -- I'll be building my first forge as a prototype for hers - but don't tell her! Any pointers, blueprints, advise etc. will be GREATLY appreciated.

JR Da Gnome (John Smith) really.

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Welcome to IFI John. As for advice have a look at the Getting Started articles off the front page then dig through the Blueprints. After that just search in the Blacksmithin forum on coal or gas forge for more info. Maybe pack a meal before starting this exercise because you will be in here for quite a while :)

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI. One thing that will help you AND us is to give you location. Click on 'User CP" in the green bar at the top of the page, there you can update your profile giving your location. There is most likely someone 'just up the street' from you that is a member here and can help. Ya never know.... anyway, welcome!

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