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First hatchet head

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I've never made a hatchet head before, though I would try one today. Made out of some kind of scrap steel i had layin around. I need a drift though, anyone know where i can find one? I havent attached a handle to it yet, gonna go to hardware store and pick one up. Any suggestions/comments appreciated :). heres the picture of it--



one side of the metal had a couple holes in it, :P, dont think it made performance go down or anything though.

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Ok.on the drifts..I have made a couple dozen of these in all sorts of sizes..I used old truck axles. These are usually a 60 pt C steel and well, get yourself down to a wrecking yard and look around. While you are there get yourself some dead leaf springs for edge inserts as well.

Now, make it a tapered oval, this way it will allow for the head to stay in one place and not spin around like it would if you left it round.

There really is no need to heat treat these as they do get pretty warm, at least they do when I am making axes as I make like 8 or 10 at a time.

If you get stuck, drop me a note..be more than happy to help you out.


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