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Greetings from Nebraska


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Hey all, I am probably gonna do more lurking than posting as I am fairly new to all of this. But I have to say I have seen some beautiful work on the forums so far that it is inspiring!!

I have few tools but enjoy working with metal, wood and glass (stained).

Jim - Firth Nebraska

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Dear all
hello, i'm new to this forum and just joined . i wish to have an anwser for my querries. Please help me explain the procedure of joining mild steel to Housing made of cast iron. I tried with arc process with nickel and cast iron electrode but when it cools crack develops. can anyone provide better solution it is urgent. this housing is of rototary kiln where water and oil flows insidea it max. working temp is 300 degree centigrade.
please if you have any solution reply or forward it to the concerned if you know

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You on the right track almost rahul. Preheat to 400 or 500 degrees Fahrenhiet, an oven in a cooking stove will work. Weld it up with your selection of rod, Nickel, low hydrogen or whatever you have. chip the flux and put it back in oven at the preheat temp for another hour. Then slow cool it over a 6 to 8 hour period, putting it in Wood Ashes or Vermiculite and then covering it to about a foot deep will work. Even common fine Mortar sand will work, just make sure its not cold and/or damp and leave it till you can lay your hand on it for at least 10 minutes without feeling uncomfortable.

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Welcome to "I Forge Iron" berandor.
You said "I have seen some beautiful work on the forums so far that it is inspiring!!"
Jim, I feel the same way as you. I am never suprised at what great work is shown here, but I am always amaized. Ther are some wounderful craftsman found here.
Sounds to me you know what you are doing. So, I will just say "ENJOY".

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Welcome to IFI Berandor. Don't just lurk, you will very quickly get the basic skills together with practice then the world is your oyster and you will have valuable input. Afterall, blacksmithing is the application of many basic skills in different orders to achieve a desired outcome.

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