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Material for a Pritchel....

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I have a buddy who wants me to make him a pritchel..He took a coughing fit when he saw the prices of good pritchels :D Im afraid that the 5160 I have wont stand up to the repeated use of punching hot shoes..Would you recommend something like S7? Give me some ideas...Thanks

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Since nails holes are pritcheled at a black heat H13 really isn't suitable; too expensive and not shock resistant. S7 is a hot working tool steel that is known for it's shock resistance. The quick wrap of the proper hammer blow SHEARS the slug. The pritchel should be in/out of the steel quick enough that heat should not be an issue. A properly shaped pritchel should function like a punch press. Lubrication is always helpful but not necessary.

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I am a fulltime farrier and S7 just sucks for pritchels I make all of mine including all my forepunches and creasers from H-13 it is the best steel for the job. If you use S7 he will have to rework his pritchels twice as much if not more. Just my 2 cents.

And Brian S7 is not a hot working steel it is a shock resistant steel indicated by the "S" designation and H-13 is a hot working steel designated with the "H".

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