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Well, after doing some research and such for what a Roman spear should look like, the guy wanting it came up with a new picture and stated he wanted it like this... So I obliged him and he is happy as can be. Here is a couple pictures.

Made from 1/2" bar of mild steel, the only big disappointment I have is the socket line is angled but the customer liked it that way??? Spear tip to bottom of the socket is just a tad over 18" total length with handle 7 foot.





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The customer originally refused to allow me to put a pin hole in it, however when I explained how dangerous it was to have that spear above his head I finally convinced him. So after I took the pictures I drilled a hole and slipped a small but effective pin in place.

I wish I had gotten up a hour earlier that day... I could have finished it up before he got to my place without having to convince him it needed to be safe...


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Guess what I got back today...

he brought the spear by and asked if I could straighten it out. His teenage son "borrowed" it and threw it at a oak tree. Just as a Roman spear was intended to do it bent between the blade and the socket. So I fired up the OA warmed it up and brought it back straight. I think Jr. is in a bit of trouble as his dad seemed a bit mad and made the boy give me $10. I probably would have done it once at no charge, but dad insisted...

I almost bet Jr. won't be touching the spear again...

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That's almost identical to the javelins I need to make (but bigger, of course), there's a thread by that title in this same topic series. Could you lend any advice there? I've had spear sockets begin to spiral, or go off line, and just frowned and kept on with it. I have been told there is a solution for the problem, and that they can be straightened...but they work fine without an absolutely straight seam. That's not what the guy on the other side of the shield would be looking at anyway, I reckon.

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