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Glenn has Passed Away

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Glenn has passed away. 

It is a sentence every friend, and especially son, hopes we never have to read. 

Glenn and I started IForgeIron over the kitchen table in 2001. I still remember we had sweet tea in the old Tupperware glasses. He had exhausted online blacksmithing resources, In his pursuit of knowledge, so he decided to start one. He always had a way find simple solutions to complex problems.

Glenn did great things gradually. One step at a time. Over the twenty plus years that followed, he hosted Tuesday chats with Blacksmithing Blueprint releases. He spent hours each day by the forge and the phone answering questions. He made friends like you around the world.

We became blacksmith archivists in an ever changing internet. IForgeIron is one of the oldest websites continually running. Glenn took pride in keeping it educational, family friendly, well moderated.  

Over the years, friends come and go. Glenn was always reverent in keeping us up to date in the Prayer Forum when friends departed. Now it is his turn.

Ring the anvil in his honor. 


Glenn had three loves to life. His wife, Karen. His family. And his love of the craft. 

When Whitesmith, Glenn’s son and my younger brother, passed away in 2011 the community gave us two gifts. The first was a forged flower bouquet that sits in front of our fireplace. The second was two urns. Whitesmith rests in the first urn. Glenn now rests in the second urn. My mother wants to send thanks for the blacksmith who made the donation. If that was you, please message me. 

Steve Sells will be coordinating gifts made of metal for Karen. Contact him.

I have a list of things to figure out in Glenn’s absence. Luckily I Forge Iron is not one of them. We had extensive talks this year about it. Our major goal is keeping it going for the next twenty years. We started a mini donation drive earlier this summer. Sadly, I was going to close it, but hadn’t heard back from him... Given the circumstances, I’ll leave it up for a while longer. 

If you’d like to help, please consider donating here.

Thank you to the moderators who have keep the site clean. I’ve tried to speak to all. Thanks to all the donors big and small who keep the lights on. Finally, thanks to all the members who fill our home online.

I'll try to add more later, but for now I'll end on this.

As Glenn would say: 
    Let someone know you love them. 

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