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My copper plated projects need a finish

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Hello! I am looking for a wee bit of help. I know most people on this forum are working with bigger projects than mine, but I'm entirely self taught and need an experts opinion. I took up copper plating 3D prints I've made and sometimes making them into jewelry. Only..... no matter what finish I seem to use on them, it loses its shine after a few wears. I need something that can take being worn and exposed to oil and the elements. Any help is much appreciated. To date I've polished it to xxxx and back, and used protecta-clear on it.


Thank you for your time for reading this and I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer.

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Chrome plate over the copper. No, NOT make it shiny like a bumper but protect the copper the same way they protect the nickel plating on bumpers.

Chrome is transparent and relatively inert, it's used to protect more reactive metals exposed to weather or corrosive environments. Chrome oxidizes almost instantly on exposure to oxygen but the micron thick layer of oxide seals the metal below with a very abrasion resistant and inert surface.

Copper is THE most used base plating for other metals so it should work a treat for you.

Frosty The Lucky.

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