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Little Giant 25lb Hammer Ram and Die Question

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So I recently looked at a 25lb little giant hammer, overall seems to be in decent shape no cracks or repairs to the head or anything. However I did notice that the ram has some slop that you can move it back and forth maybe an 1/8"-3/16". Also the dies are not completely lined up, probably a 1/4" out of alignment, are these deal breakers or easily fixed I am wondering?? Thanks!

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They shouldn't be deal breakers, it can be adjusted or repaired pretty easily. There are two different basic types of LG power hammers, new and old and both have different guides. These things were made to last generations, virtually everything can be adjusted, repaired or parts manufactured if they can't be purchased. 

I have a 50lb. LG that turned 100 a little while ago and still works well. The hammer has sideways lash maybe almost 1/4", I'd have to go measure it. However when it's cycling everything seems to line up and it's right. In mine a lot of the sideways lash is necessary to account for the crank pin's lateral motion. Well, necessary or not it'd wear some lash no matter what. You'll want a copy of "The Little Giant Powerhammer" book if you pick it up.

Don't hesitate to give it a rattle and tell the seller it sure has a lot of slop you'll have to deal with. Might get him to come down on the price you  know. ;)

Do you have pics?

Frosty The Lucky.

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