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COLD Pre-Bending the ends of rolled circles and hoops -- Ideas?

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9 hours ago, Scott NC said:

  I might have an even better/easier way to eliminate that flat spot on your next job with a slip in fixture for your bender, but I have to draw a sketch as I can't describe things very well, if your interested.  I can pm it to you as it might be something I might make and sell myself so I can retire.....:)

Yes! Please do share that, with my THANKS! Are you thinking to simply slide in a prebent segment between rollers, then lay the ends of my workpiece over that? I think that would work -- How cool! The adjustment of center roller position is done with a little builtin 4 ton hydraulic cyllinder, so that is easily doable. If my guess is wrong, I bet it's even better.

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Found one simpler approach - Sometimes it IS advisable to put the CART BEFORE THE HORSE.

Moving along with the current project, I have found it time consuming and frustrating to PRE-bend the ends of the 47-1/2 inch flatbar/workpiece in the vise-held radius fixture.

Instead, I thought about perhaps correcting the flats AFTER rolling the circle (I am certain that many of you already thought of that)... and it works really well, and fast.

These photos show the before and after of the segment in question - the whiteout pen (wonderful metal marker by the way) is kind of pointing at the area.




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10 hours ago, Scott NC said:

  What is your project that requires all these rings, may I ask? 

Sure, thanks for asking. It's a gate, and fence sitting on what I call a half wall. Many circles involved in about 75+ feet.

Here is preliminary sketch from a while back although it is a good deal more complex now.  Actual photos pretty soon.


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