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Beaudry Clutch Replacement

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I have a 50# Beaudry Utility Hammer with the markings U501. The clutch lining has worn out. I have it removed and the lining is held in place with 5 copper rivets. My questions are:

Can I use composite Flat Bell Pulley Belt for the clutch lining or should I get brake lining?

I have seen some linings attached with adhesive which would mean I don't have to worry about scoring the clutch drum when it wears down. So is adhesive a reasonable alternative to riveting. I have the rivets, just curious about what modern best practices might be. 

Any thoughts?, Thanks.

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I had a 25# utility which I ran for many years (1974-2009). I replaced the clutch lining early on. I used automotive brake lining which back then was readily available from the local auto supply service. Maybe not so today, so it is likely you might find similar material today on Model T or Model A Ford forums. don't worry too much about the not so smooth fit of the new lining as the clutch spider is a section of a cone and hard to get to lie flat,  it will run in. I think those old linings had asbestos as a major component so some caution is advised if you find N.O. S. material.

Also, I would not use rubber or cloth belting as I don't believe they will hold up and will certainly be affected by any grease or oil that is slung from the main shaft bearing. I would also stick with the rivets, as I recall these were copper. I recall I used copper leather rivet which have broad flat heads that have  tapered head cross section. The hammer has a good adjustable clutching mechanism and should not be grabby.



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