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Just a little reminder. I wanted to test a 18lb bag of charcoal briquettes. I have to say that I wreck three pieces of metal before I gave up, couldn't get above orange heat, and this is what it left in my forge. DON'T use briquettes. I only did this to test briquettes, I use charcoal regualary, but am switching to propane. :) Don't mind the girly sandals, my little sister got in the picture.


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That's charcoal briquettes that I did a test with, I always use lump charcoal. Never had a problem with it. Attached are pictures of my forge, that is looking for a home. Lol. It's just taking up space in my already small shop because I've begun working on my propane forge stand. Four pictures of it just sitting there. One of it running. Works real good. But propane just makes sense for what I am going to be doing.






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I just finished my coal forge the other day, and I tried a bag of generic briquettes from Publix for my first lighting. I pushed a 1/4" rod in the fire just to see how hot it would get after it had a good bed. After 6 minutes, most of the bar that was in the fire was gone. The second light was with Royal Oak Charcoal, and I didn't really notice a difference, except that the Royal Oak burned a whole lot faster than the Publix brand briquettes.

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The clinker is from all of the limestone they put in briquettes to bind the saw dust together. Briquettes are not made from big chunks of wood but from saw dust left over form saw mills and other wood working enterprises. Kingsford brand started from Henry Ford's left over wood scrap and saw dust from making model T's. Somewhere on YouTube there is a how it's done video on briquette manufacturing

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