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Oops, I just posted a question in the power hammer department but I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Chris (aka Chrispy) from Down Under. I've been reading your threads for a while (most interesting) :) so just decided to register and perhaps take part. I have retired early (52) and am currently persuing my hobby as an Artistic Blacksmith in which I have dabbled for the past 3 to 4 years.
Never an idle moment and word of mouth is the best advertising for me as
I have several pieces of artwork and metal sculptures displayed around the state.
I make most of my own tools, Coke forge (2), tongs, Gas forge, pan brake, ring roller, bar bender. Even a fence straightener (must get that back from the mug who borrowed it 2 years ago):mad:.
Scored my 1 cwt Anvil and swage block at an auction 480 miles from home and worth every cent I paid for them although I wish I could have got them both on the one occasion. At least diesel was a bit cheaper then.
Regards Chris.;)

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