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I Forge Iron

sugar sculpture

Archie Zietman

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my neighbor learned it by aprenticing with a dessert chef in a nearby town. She's now doing it for a massive chain pastry place, and going to asia for a few weeks to look at their art for inspiration. She invited me to come over to her plce and do a little bit of it today, so I did. She then showed me pictures of some of the "work of the masters" over in Vegas, where they do 5 foot tall swans with hand pressed wings etc. and it's quite inspiring!

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Archie, this is as Junior said incredible stuff. Take notes. :) Old ways like this are more than important, they are historical. Blacksmithing may be one old way that is seeing a large resurgence. This sugar thing is absolutely something that needs preserved as an art and I really think you are lucky to be around it. Excellent work.

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