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Looking to ID manufacturer, Francaise, 1906, Lyon

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Unfortunately I can't be of much assistance, but as a collector of old woodworking tools, I might just provide a bit of information that might, or might not, prove to be useful.

In 1810 Jean Pierre and Jean Frédéric,  together with Jacques Maillard-Salins near Montbéliard, found the company "Peugeot Frères et Jacques Maillard -Salins". They converted an old grain mill into a foundry, producing saw blades and watch springs. Over the course of two decades, they expanded their production  and in 1832 "Peugeot Frères Aînés", began producing tools for joiners, carpenters and turners.

In 1842, company led by 7 cousins was split in two separate companies. "Peugeot, Japy et Cie", which was renamed to "Peugeot Freres" in 1852 (and to  "Les Fils de Peugeot Frères" In 1892).

While In the other company, the four sons of Jean-Frédéric Peugeot join forces with the four Jackson brothers under the name "Peugeot Aînés et Jackson Frères". In 1877 (or 1889) the company was renamed "Peugeot Aînés" and in
1894 "Peugeot et Cie". 

Until both companies joined forces in 1922, and since 1936 under the same name (Etablissements Peugeot Frères), but that's too recent for this anvil.

You can find all of the logos these manufacturers used over the years if that might help with identifying the anvil. 

Conclusion is, we know they had a foundry and produced tools, and were one of the largest manufacturers at the time as their 19th tools are still commonly found today. Only I haven't read anywhere, nor found the information that any of the Peugeot companies produced anvils. But again, there's not much information on the subject and some info. contradicts each other at some points. 

I hope this helped you, even slightly. I highly suggest that you do some research, as in checking sites that sell old anvils and trying to find similarities with one that is in your possesion. Perhaps one with it's logo in perfect condition. Best of luck.


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 Ouais, Je cherche des informations sur ces frères ou leur forge.

I'm fairly certain this one is a claudinon. Copy and paste of the one at a friend's family forge in seyssel. 

You might get a kick out of their workshop! Wait for the water powered hammer.




16 hours ago, pleb said:

Unfortunately I can't be of much assistance, but as a collector of old woodworking tools, I might just provide a bit of information that might, or might not, prove to be useful.

Pleb, super information! Thank you for taking the time to share all of that! Somewhere to start digging... I've had probably too good of luck finding the information on my others, haha.

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I've seen several water powered hammers in use; including water powered air hammers in Germany.  I note that their hammer has a pretty fast beat but not much throw; it would be nice to be able to use the hammer for driving the slitter/drift to make the eye!  But I sure wouldn't turn down one like that if I was offered one!

I assume that smithy is "grandfathered in" on all the EU safety regulations---if not great grandfathered or great great grandfathered!   Do you know if it's still run commercially?

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