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Cheese shakers for borax?

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Anyone use a "cheese shaker" for holding and applying borax while forging? Something I think I will try so as to prevent spilling a tray or box full and making a mess I have to clean up. I knnow a spoon is used to apply it. This seems an 'all in one' thing, both container and applicator.

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When I apply flux I shoot for two things. Putting it just where I need it and keeping my iron as deep and buried in the coke, or fire as I can. The latter keeps oxygen off my weld area and I lose no heat. The former means I don't waste flux or have it go where not needed. A small long handled spoon seems to do both very well.

I use my long handled spoon or fire rake to move just a little coke out of the way so the spoon will go in.

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