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Help needed identifying anvil manufacturer

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I'm a beginner smith based in the north eastern part of The Netherlands.

yesterday i picked up this beautiful 100kg / 220lbs double horn anvil.

however i cant find anything about the manufacturer online.

maybe someone here can tell me more?


thank you very much in advance!





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Welcome aboard Tholfir, glad to have you. We have a few members living in the Netherlands and one might recognize your anvil and be able to tell you something about it. 

Does it really matter? It's a good weight and if the face is hard it should last you a few generations of hard work. What more could a craftsman want from a tool? It might be important to a collector but won't change it's effectiveness. I understand liking to know what you have, it's age, place of origin, all that stuff but that's just for fun. In my book anyway, other folk are more than welcome to follow their own interests.

About your anvil stand though. You don't want the anvil on a bridge you want it connected as solidly and completely to the ground as possible. If you'd used the lumber under the anvil and stood it on end you'd have an excellent stand. Unfortunately you only have 4 legs none directly under the anvil and clear air between the anvil and the ground. It may be hard to believe but that configuration will have some bounce which absorbs energy you want to stop at the anvil's face, not flexing lumber and driving the legs into the ground.

There are lots of excellent anvil stands in the "anvil stand" section on Iforge.

That's a beautiful looking anvil, your grand kids will brag to their grand kids about grandpa the blacksmith and hand it down.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Hi Frosty, 

yeah you're right its origin does not really matter, however I'm really curious by nature so i kept wondering what its manufacturer was. if only it could talk right? :D 

regarding the anvil stand, this is my old anvil stand for my little railroad track anvil, i learned a lot since then and know i have to do something about it. ( like making it lower and getting more mass underneath the anvil.)

But thanks for the advice! i will check the anvil stand section for some inspiration.

only i could not resist not firing up the forge and testing out my new pride and joy :D



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