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Hydraulic press


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I am looking into buying a Hydraulic Press to add to my home forge. I currently do everything by hand. Any suggestions on a Press that is affordable? Also if you had a choice would you buy a Hydraulic Press or Power Hammer

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All depends on what you think of as affordable and what you expect to do with it. In my opinion hammers are a bit more versatile, but presses are typically quieter and better suited for making mosaic pattern welds.

As regards affordability, for outright purchase of new, effective, forging grade equipment I think it would be hard to beat either a "tire" style power hammer or 12 ton Coal Iron hydraulic press. In either case you are talking thousands of dollars, not hundreds.

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Thank you. Looking at trying my hand in demascus. From. What I've seen presses tend to be the to used for that as well as canisters. I want both I just know that both are not in my budget.

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