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Hay Budden ID Please

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The weight is stamped on the side under the Brooklyn NY, I can see an 8; anvils this size are easily weighed on a bathroom scale. As we often compare prices in dollars per pound, "pretty sure" is like buying a diamond that they are "pretty sure is 1/2 caret".

If it passes the bounce and ring test it would go at the upper range of anvil prices for your area.  (Good brand, excellent face condition, no signs of repairs, easily transportable size).  Have you asked the local smithing group what anvils are going for in your area?

I'd be hoping it's 80+ as 50 is really quite light for a good using anvil.

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If you were thanking me; my name is Thomas. My late Father was Tom; or when I was in single digits and we were visiting the kinfolks; he was Tommy and I was Tom boy.

Again weigh it on  bathroom scale; we've found that stamped weight often differs a bit from weighed weight.  Glad it's larger!

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