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Old Chainsaw BLADE


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Howdy folks 

Pretty new here, I have been doing lots of reading and poking around here and it's a great forum. 

Now, I have an old chainsaw blade that was left here at the house I now own and I am wondering if it is usable blade steel. 

Yesterday I cut a small piece off and threw it in my forge and quenched it in veg oil and it hardened. I then snapped it and it was tough. 

Here are some pictures. The blade is 33 inches long and about 1/4 thick.

The grain structure looks like it has mild steel on the outside, like a chainsaw san mia :ph34r:

SO do you think I have do blade steel or do I have some scrap? 





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Me being a retired from the forest industry should know that it's a bar but most on the intertube call them blades LOL 

It will harden I was just curious about the grain structure of what looks like mild steel but I think I will give it a shot and see what happens it's just my time and it's all therapy for me. 

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If it's tough to break after heat and quench in water then it sounds more like a medium carbon steel, If so large blades and lower tempering temps are suggested.

I did the heat quench break test on a couple of sewer snakes lately and they all tested out HC and so are going into billets for pattern welding.  I like to start with 20 layers rather than 3 or 5.

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I am going to chop off a chunk and hammer it out and see what I can make out of it, I would like to make something out of the whole thing but I don't think my skill level is there yet 

I think I need to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx finish setting up my shop and worry about projects and steel composition later :lol:

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