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20lb Propane Tank Forge Advice


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Hey all, first time posting on the forum but I've been lurking around for awhile reading post and trying to figure out stuff on my own. This forum is a fantastic wealth on knowledge and I thank all of you senior members for your contributions (Frosty, Mike, Wayne, ect..).

So I've been working with a small brick forge and single burner for awhile. Now I'm ready to build something a little bigger out of an old 20lb propane tank, so I can get welding temps. Think I have it mostly figured out but have a few questions I'm hoping you guys can help with. Sorry if these have been mostly answered before, I'm just a real stickler for details and having a good plan. Thanks for any advice you guys can offer.

1. I will be use 2 -3/4" Frosty "T" burners. I have them built to Frosty's plans using 6" long nipple and all. Little unsure about what to use for the flare. Would the stainless steel 3/4" couplings in pic attached be a good choice? Also do you guys just hand tighten the T to the nipple or tighten it all the way?

2. Burner positioning (I know, I know...<_<). According to what I have found here, the burner ports should be cut in 2" down from the top center of the tank. Should the center of the hole be at 2" or the top of the hole? See crude drawing A or B :D?

3. With the burners positioned correctly 2" down, the flame should be hitting were the side wall meets the flat of the D shape interior? This should encourage the swirl as Mike suggest or does it need to be angled a little differently? Also see crude drawing.

SS Coupling.JPG


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One of the things worth noting with "T" burners is that their slower softer flames provide more leeway in what constitutes good positioning; this is why I recommend them for people building box forges. All this to say that, with a "T" burner, a 45 degree angle (which most people find easier to understand) will work out just as well as the angle you are showing; probably better.

I'm the guy who pushes for the positiong you show in your drawing. But It is meant to get the most out of high-speed flames. No single position is best for all burners.

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