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Propane forge not getting hot

Josh Proulx

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Hey all, new to the forum as a poster but have used a lot of info here to help build my first workshop and forge, thank you all!

the problem I am having is the whole forge interior isn’t getting hot. The only spot getting hot is a small area around where the burner flame hits the wall/floor. It seems to be running a fairly neutral flame, but from 3psi to 20psi, nothing seems to change as far as area that can heat the metal. The body is based off of Wayne Coe’s model using a 5 gallon air tank. The bottom has 2” of inswool, the top has 1”, with about a half inch of Kast-o-lite 30 around the whole thing, and it was painted with a layer of Plistix. Forge area is approximately 300 square inches. The burner is the kit from hightemptools, which should be good up to 350 square inches. 

Could the fact that the bottom edges of the side walls do not come straight down and have almost a wedge shape to them be causing an issue with heat flow? If not, any other ideas?

thank you all in advance!

ps, the picture that shows the hot spot was taken after turning the burner off for just a couple minutes after it had been running for about 45 and starting it back up for a couple minutes





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Mikey, thanks for the reply. Yes it is just heating up in the 2d and 4th pics, but it had only been off for a short time. I will get a couple more bricks for sure to close off the front some. In the 1st and third pictures, a 5” piece of 1/4” square stock was taking forever to heat up in the area underneath the burner opening, or anywhere not in that hot spot area. 

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