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Comparing Anyang 33 with Blu 65

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I'm looking at picking up a smaller power hammer pretty soon, primarily for forging knives. I've looked at a few options and the Anyang 33 and Blu 65 both seem like the most appealing for my shop size and what I'm doing. The 65 is a bit on the big side for what I'm doing, but Big Blu is local to me and the price is really close, I also figured going a bit larger wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. My compressor can handle the 65 fine.

Has anyone used both of these hammers and can offer some comparisons between the two?

I'm particularly curious about the noise differences. I am not in a super noise sensitive area, but I do work in an attached garage and would like to keep my wife happy, but we do have neighbors that aren't terribly far away. I can work with my shop closed up due to ventilation, which cuts noise down a lot, but I'd prefer the quieter of the two. I know they aren't quiet, but the quieter of the two would be preferable. From what I can tell in videos, the Anyang is more of a fast 'tap' whereas the Blu sounds more like a thud, but videos are hard to tell. If anyone has any insight, that'd be great. 


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I have an Anyang 33 and close neighbors.  No complaints to date, but am careful not to forge with power hammer at either early or late hours.   The hammer is on a custom plywood stand, the shop is a detached garage, and the walls are rocked and insulated. I've not used a Big Blue 65, but have a 75.  I would say the 75 hits harder, and a little slower, than the Anyang.

Be very careful about compressor size for the Big Blue.  You need to have not only the correct pressure at the required CFM, but also the capability to run for the desired duty cycle.  For efficiency the Blue may also require a custom concrete foundation (not to mention to reduce the "shake" inside your house.  Also remember that the compressor noise will need to be considered.

Of course there are significant advantages to getting a larger hammer, you never know what you are going to want to do in the future.  I got a great deal on a used Anyang 33, and it fits nicely into my small shop.  Probably would have ended up with a tire hammer otherwise.

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Thanks for the info. TBH hearing the Anyang on videos was a little concerning, it sounds like a higher frequency, 'sharper' noise than the heavier, duller thud of the 65, but cameras pick up noise differently and it's never a good indicator. I'd prefer the smaller size and footprint of the 33, it would also avoid my having to remove the cylinder like I would with the 65, to get it past my door. 

The foundation is a concern with both hammers. I spoke with both companies, Anyang indicated that 33 owners have done all sorts of things from leaving on the pallet to bedding it on a rubber mat, but no special base should be required. Blu recommended bedding the 65 in silicon and bolting it to the floor, but said it'd be fine as long as my slab is at least 4 inches thick, which I'll have to verify. They similarly said some folks leave them on plywood and a few others on the original pallet, provided you don't mind moving it back in place every so often. 

Thanks for the info on the compressor, also. I ran it by Big Blu and they confirmed it would work for the 65. I was a bit concerned until I talked to them, they said the compressor I had could run it all day without any issue (based on cfm, tank size, and hp). It's also rated for 100% duty cycle, that was something I was careful to do since I use it for a blast cabinet. Thankfully it's quiet enough that you can't hear it outside with the doors closed, I can barely hear it with the closet door I keep it in shut, so that won't be a noise contributor. 


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