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I Forge Iron

I Wilson or Wilson Line?

Black Cat

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The hand forged would put it later rather than earlier as earlier they were all hand forged and so not a selling point. No mention of being cast steel, shear steel, or double shear steel?

Have you contacted anybody in Sheffield working on the history of the place?  Old commercial directories would probably tell a lot.

I see a bunch of them on ebay calling knives dating long after the "fur trade" period "fur trade knives". 

From: http://muzzleloadermag.infopop.cc/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/29510091/m/9184081638

"The Wilson business was founded by John Wilson in 1750. Wilson knives figured prominently in fur trade history. Wilson Knives were mentioned by name in the records of Pierre Chouteau Jr. &Co. through the1820s- 1840s. Wilson added "Sheffield England" to their knives to conform to the McKinley act of 1891 which required all manufactured goods imported into the United States to be marked with the name of the country of origin. Before that they were marked with the Wilson name and various symbols.
For an article on Wilson Knife markings by Lee Burke refer to "The Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly" volume 14 No. 3 Fall, 1978."


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