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Thursday noght I had my newest tumors zapped into oblivion, I hope. So far so good. :)

On the down side, I spoke with my oncologist today and he is now of the opinion that there is not really any chemo that is going to be effective. As the most effective one allowed 3 new tumors to grow. So he is going to consult with another oncologist to see if there are any other treatments.
All the possible have really bad side effects and poor quality of life issues.
Dawn and I have more or less decied good quality if better than more time.

We shall see how that plays out........

IN any case I sure hope that a Merry Christmas is had by all.

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You and Dawn are still on my heart and in my prayers. May the Lord grant you both peace and a Happy holiday. We are with you in heart and spirit. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. God bless you both.
Alan, Sandy, Bambi and Levi Brazzel

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Ralph and Dawn, may your hearts hold the faith, and your spirits keep the light of hope ever shining through this bad spot in the often rough road of life.

If I were to wish for only one Christmas Gift, it would be that you beat this malady to smithereens and get on with a long and fruitful life.

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My prayers are with you and Dawn and your whole family. I also pray for your doctors that they may find a treatment that will purge the cancer from your body. You are a tower of strength my friend and you have shown all of us what courage really is. May the peace and blessings of the Holiday Season be with you and your family through the coming year.


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