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New to all this - from Dorset, UK

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Hey all,

Just starting out and landed lucky with a number of shop type tools from friends, family and Facebook marketplace (accidental alliteration....ah...additional accidental alliteration!). Awaiting the delivery of my coke forge very excitedly. Thought I'd tip my hat and do loads of reading! Thanks for all of the amazing information I've already read along the way,

Will be looking for some form of grinder to complete the set, any suggestions welcome! I've got a fair bit of space and am fortunate from a budget perspective (Cleared out a lot of boys toys to make room!) so willing to make a bigger purchase if I'll grow into it!



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8 minutes ago, ThomasPowers said:

Stone wheel bench grinder or abrasive belt belt grinder?  What will you be using it for?   (Blades really do best with a belt grinder!)

Well I've got this idea that I want to make really pretty versions of everyday tools. Hammers, trowels, hoes. Some very practical fencing and things for around the garden. So something for all round ease of finishing over something specifically for  blades.

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Well belt grinders leave a smoother surface and deal with curved surfaces better---especially when slack belting; but they tend to be more expensive to buy and you have to replace belts as they wear.  Would an angle grinder using abrasive disks on a rubber backing work to get started?  Is there anyone doing similar work already you could see how their shop is equipped?

For instance: I have a friend who makes trowels from US railroad spikes and sells them in upscale gardening centers.  His main tools besides propane forge and anvil are a powerhammer and a belt grinder.

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