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Clip horns?


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I'm not a farrier or even a blacksmith to be honest.  But I've been gawking at anvils all over the web.  I keep seeing farrier anvils with something called a clip horn.  I did a youtube search and I got stuff for hair clips, and one video of a guy drawing a "clip" over the edge of the anvil.  That guys anvil had what I think is a clip horn, but he didn't use it at all.  So what's the deal with clip horns?  Does anyone actually use them? What for?  Does anyone have any video they could show, or book that explains?  Even an illustration would suffice.  Thanks very much for any information. 

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On a list of needs a clip horn isn't a must have but it is a nice to have. 

There are about as many ways to pull clips as there are ways to skin a cat. As long as they get the same end result there is no wrong way to do it. A clip horn just gives one more option.

I posted a vid on this site some time ago of one in use but I'll be doggone if I remember where.

Let me look around and I'll see what I can find.


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Personally I’ve never found them useful for pulling clips and much like turning cams on an anvil I’ve never felt the need or wanted “extras” on an anvil. 
I’ve only ever had one anvil that’s had a clip horn and I’ve never pulled a single clip on it,the placement up on the base of the horn was never comfortable for me. I needed something for in the shop to leave Emerson I had at the time in the truck. I prefer to pull clips at the heel working across the face. I was never very proficient at pulling clips untill I bought my double horn/German pattern from Scott Collier after a clinic at Danny Wards back before I got hurt.   

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