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I got notified of a Facebook online meeting of FABA. Francis Trez Cole demonstrated his method for making "bolt jaw tongs." I don't know if you can watch it after the fact but it was well worth the time. Especially for you new guys who need tongs. Certainly worth searching FB for "FABA" or "Francis.T.cole/videos" His method is pretty straight forward and a great example of combining basic techniques to make more complicated products. 

This is the first online meeting I've watched but I'll be all over any other invite I get. 

My only regret is they're smart enough to keep non-members from commenting and you know me and wanting to talk. :) 

I have one comment for future videos. You mentioned grainy video early on, that was because the high windows were back lighting the angle strongly. I get the impression you usually work from the other side of the anvil, your equipment is laid out how I would from the camera side. I don't know the reason but it may be better lighting. Other wise maybe block the windows on the wall behind you for video recording.  Heck I even learned how to pronounce your name! :D

I loved it, Thank You Francis. 

Frosty The Lucky.

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Frosty thanks for the post and comments. Any one interested in Blacksmithing can Join FABA-SW We like to see What other are doing. We started doing the live meeting to keep people safe during these time. Sorry that its so early Here in Florida trying to beet the heat of the day. The graininess came from a poor wi-fi link we went to a hot spot and it cleared up. I always look forward to a comment from a wise sage like you Jerry

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