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Joseph Wilkinson anvil restoration

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I have this Joseph Wilkinson anvil I inherited. It's obviously beat xx xxxx. I'm assuming from looks and research it's a wrought iron base with tool steel top that has been chipped off. Is there any way to fix this, it seems like too much to build up with welds? Could I break the rest of the face off and reweld a tool steel face on? Should I just put it aside and find another anvil? 

Your images were 42 x 56 inches and over 35 megs each. They have been reworked to less than 25k each and reposted.


a 1a.jpg

a 3a.jpg

a 2a.jpg


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Welcome aboard, I always suggest reading this to get the best out of the forum. READ THIS FIRST  It is full of tips like editing your profile to show your location, which is important to know because so many answers require knowing where in the world you are located. Other tips will tell you how to do the most effective search and some will help with flying under the moderators radar.

Unless you are experienced in anvil repair, just set it aside. There are many threads on repairing/restoring anvils.

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This is sort of the type of question that if you have to ask the answer is no.  They refaced an anvil as a demo at Quad-State one year; used a group of smiths whose experience totaled in the centuries and it still took them 4? times to get it to work.

On the other hand you have a horn and hardy hole, so you can get a big chunk of steel to use for a face and have a "complete anvil in two pieces"!

The earlier anvils had the face welded on in several pieces, I think I can see one of the seams on the edge of what's left.

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